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EXPOSALÃO promotes from the 20th to the 23rd of February 2014, the 3rd FRUTITEC/HORTITEC - Professional exhibition of machinery, equipment, products and technology for fruits and horticulture aims to attract big and small farmers, purchase centers, big fruit and horticulture cooperatives.


Exhibitor’s Profile: Manufacturers, importers and machinery representatives, equipments and technology for fruit and vegetable growing.

Exposed products: Seeds; Fertilizers; Flowerpots and packaging; Greenhouses; Irrigation system; Machinery, equipments and technology for: planting, pulverizing, picking, grooming, weighting, calibrating, labeling, storing up, conserving and transporting of fruit and vegetable products; Professional training; Consultancy; Specialized Press.

Visitors Profile: Fruit farmers; Horticulturist; Farmers; Nurseryman; Agro-engineers; Other professionals of this sector.

After the surprising success of the last edition that gave a big visibility to horticulture that always presents big deficiencies due to the adversities with which this economic sector is being confronted. The goal of EXPOSALÃO is to assume again its strategic position, in the centre of the country, establishing a bridge between the offer and the demand, permitting thus a convergence to our facilities of the professionals of this area coming from the most varied localities of the country.

This year’s exhibition brings new opportunities to the business, since we want to count with some news on the frame of the equipments and services of this sector.

We thus invite your company to be present and give big evidence to fruit growing and horticulture products, machinery and accessories solutions.  

Simultaneously, with this exhibition and with EXPOJARDIM (15th Exhibition of plants, flowers, urban and garden furniture, swimming pools and accessories, equipments, machinery and gardening accessories), and to make use of the synergies between the target market of both the events and the exhibitor companies, parallel conferences and seminars will take place and give the farmers, fruitculturers and hortoculturers the opportunity of actualizing and knowing other proposals and/or ideas to foster the production.






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