ExpoSalão promotes, from the 22nd to the 25th of April 2016, the 23th edition of the EXPOMOTO – National Fair of motorcycles, accessories and equipment, with the objective of projecting the world of the two wheels.

It is a commercial edition, where EXPOMOTO has come to strengthen its paper booster of the market and the vast universe of accessories and equipment, in a show of new features and unique chances of business, constituting a remarkable reference for the two wheels lovers and for the public in general.

EXPOMOTO pretends to present all companies in the circulating medium, as an excellent opportunity to presentation of its latest proposals, the establishment of contacts with an interested public and to the achievement of business.
Here the passion for the world of two wheels reaches its maximum speed, in a fair with an incredible tradition in Portugal, which thousands of visitors don´t miss it.   

For publicity and media coverage of the event, we will appeal to mainstream media: radio spots – national and regional one´s (best national radio - Comercial), announcements and advertisements in the professional press, regional and national; Internet, a national network of advertising billboards and even sending personal invitations.

In this context we invite representatives of all brands of motorcycles, equipment and accessories to give a further acceleration to your contacts and potential business, with a presence in EXPOMOTO 2016.

EXPOMOTO powers the rotation of your business.



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